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Salih Karahan is the founding father of Karahan Textiles. Prior to Karahan textile he started his career with a few successful attempts in other industries; first, he started selling home style sewing machines in 50’s. In 60’s he had his 1st company selling motors made for industrial equipment. He has also achieved a business in sea food import export in 60’s. In early 70’s he was in search of a new field to invest in. While traveling to Germany he came across a high technology knitting machine and decided to start a knitting mill. From day one, he knew he had to combine his exporting skills into this brand new industry.


Salih Karahan established Karahan Textile in Istanbul. He started operating a mill with 32 machines supplying only knit fabrics. He was aware that textile business could only be managed hands on, therefore he learned every detail of the knitting machines himself, he was able to operate and fix each machine after a three week training in Germany. The machines were operating 24 hours with three shifts. The first mill was located in Istanbul in Bayrampaşa district.


Salih Karahan was traveling to Germany for training for his knitting machines. He made few prototypes of men’s briefs and took them along with him to Germany. He was lucky to meet one of the biggest wholesale sourcing company of Germany.  He returned to Istanbul with his first purchase order in his pocket. This was the very beginning of long successful business relationship. Back in the day he was receiving purchase orders by mail from postal office and thank you letters by telegram.


Joint venture with a German company. They have expended business so well that Karahan was now able to make all sorts of clothing including polo shirts, sweatshirts , joggers and t-shirts.


Karahan started expending to the world, the company now has more clients from around the world.


The 30.000 m2 new plant opened in 2003 is a milestone in the history of Karahan Textile and we are proud to say that  the costs of construction and installation  were completely funded by company’s  own resources. This investment meant that the company has gained the speed quality and capacity required by a competitive market.


Karahan Textile moved its sewing operations to Sanlıurfa in 2012 becoming one of the largest garment manufacturers in Turkey.